2019 Jeep Yuntu

Jeep is preparing a very first 3-row crossover. It will follow year. Under the name 2019 Jeep Yuntu, we are going to see the new concept and vehicle. Also, this crossover is going to have a various drivetrain. Wagoneer is a full-size SUV that gets power from conventional engines. On the other hand, Jeep Yuntu will run a hybrid powertrain. At this minute, these are just reports. However, this is possible to take place. Spy shots are showing vehicle concealed with a lot of covers. Some information show up. However, many things are well covered and will be revealed at the best.

2019 Jeep Yuntu | Side HD Photos

2019 Jeep Yuntu Concept

The 2019 Jeep Yuntu is utilizing a different platform than its Wagoneer siblings. While all variations of full-size crossover are taking a body-on-frame concept, Yuntu needs a smaller concept. It is going to exploit most likely unibody platform. Nevertheless, we make sure that 4 × 4 will be at least an alternative if not basic trip. Because this SUV will be likewise a metropolitan vehicle, FWD is extremely possible to be a base deal. Some rumors are saying that 2019 Yuntu will utilize face-to-face seating design on the back. However, it is not so likely. However, considering that there are gossips about it, we can’t omit these opinions.

2019 Jeep Yuntu | Look HD Photo

2019 Jeep Yuntu Specs

As we currently discussed, 2019 Jeep Yuntu will be a hybrid. Concern is, what drivetrain to integrate with electrical motors? And exactly what sort of batteries to use? The most likely engine to be a base is 3.6-l Pentastar V-6. 2 electric generators, Li-ion batteries, are mated to it. Only with these, Yuntu will be able to ride 30 mpg. Requirement, exclusively gas engine, will come later, according to existing info. Fans will have to wait to see if it is the exact same 3.6-l system or some other powertrain.

2019 Jeep Yuntu | Look   Wallpapers

2019 Jeep Yuntu Release Date

The 3-row crossover is not coming before 2019 season. Middle of the calendar year is the planned for a debut. However, we will see if hybrid and gas unit is coming together. If this is not the case, conventional 2019 Jeep Yuntu will remain in salons couple of months after hybrid.

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